VoiceView for Amazon Devices.

VoiceView Gesture Guide.

VoiceView is Amazons built in screen reader. It uses a combination of Apple’s Voiceover finger gestures and Androids Talkback turn shape gestures. Below is a list of all the gestures you will use to operate your device using VoiceView.

One Finger Gestures.

Swipe Right-Moves to the next item

Swipe Left-Moves to the previous item

Double Tap-Activates the selected item

Two Finger Gestures.                     

Tap Once-Quiets VoiceView

Double Tap-Plays and stops media playback  

Double Tap and Hold–Activates Alexa

Flick Up-Reads all from the top of the screen

Flick Down–Reads the screen from the selected point

Three Finger Gestures.

Double Tap-Turns VoiceView speech on and off

Triple Tap-Activates screen curtain

Swipe Right-Scrolls left

Swipe Left-Scrolls Right

Swipe Up-Scrolls down

Swipe Down-Scrolls up

Turn Shape Gestures.

Swipe Down then Left-Goes back to the previous screen

Swipe Up then Left-Goes to the home screen

Swipe Left and Up-Activates the app switcher

Swipe Right then Down-Activates your notifications

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