Voice Purchasing on Alexa App

How to enable voice purchasing on Amazon Alexa App

You can buy products directly from amazon on Alexa smart speakers by asking Alexa to “search amazon for aaa battery’s”. However this first needs to activated through the Amazon Alexa App. Follow the instructions below to enable this. 

1 Open the Alexa App. 

2 Select the more option at the bottom right of the screen. 

3 Now select setting from this menu list.

4 Now select Account Settings from this menu list.

5 Now select Voice Purchasing from this menu list. 

6 Now find Purchase by Voice and turn this on.

7 A new menu will appear at underneath this.

8 Find Voice Code and turn this on. It will ask you to input a 4-digit code. Now select save at the top right of the screen.

9 Voice purchasing should now be activated on your Alexa device. 

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