Using Zoom On MacBooks


Using Zoom on a iMac or MacBook

A macbook air 2018 with zoom activated showing the TTT logo


On Apple Computers or laptops there is an inbuilt magnification tool called ZOOM.  This allows you to zoom into the screen to enlarge pictures, text and icons that are on the screen by using keyboard commands and the attached mouse or track pad.

To go to the ZOOM setting in the System Preferences.

Open System preferences then open Accessibility. When this menu is open there is two areas of the menu the one on the right gives you options for the selected feature on the left hand side. On the left hand side select ZOOM.  Now check that the top option is checked on the right hand side (Use Keyboard Shortcuts To Zoom). Now select the red x icon on the top left of the menu to exit this.

Now that Zoom is activated you can use the keyboard to turn it on and adjust the zoom level for you comfort.

Turn ZOOM On. 

Press Control and Option and 8 key together

To Increase ZOOM.

Press Control Option and the = Key together.

To Decrease Zoom.

Press Control and Option and the – key together.



To navigate around the screen

Using the mouse or track pad move the arrow on the screen up, down, left or right and the screen will follow in that direction. The faster you move the mouse or touchpad the faster the screen will follow.


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