Travel Apps.

Traveling to and from destination can be troublesome at the best of times. Luckily, they are a lot of great apps that can help improve your mobility and orientation. Listed below are some of our favorite apps that will accomplish this.


Maps is a great app to use when traveling. Maps allows you to search for a location and will give you turn by turn direction to that location. You will also have the ability to plan a route to your destination by either car, walking or public transport. Both IOS and android have their own map client built into their device. For IOS users this is Apple Maps and for android this is Google Maps.


BlindSquare developed by Mipsoft is one of the best apps for traveling. It works in tandem with your preferred map app and gives you an added layer of information. BlindSquare will alert you to what’s around you and the names of the next road junctions and street. Other helpful options include tracking your destination, planning a route and virtually simulating a location. BlindSquare is only available on IOS and costs £38.99.


Soundscape is a great app for navigating and is developed by Microsoft. Soundscape uses 3D audio to map out your surroundings. Like BlindSquare you will be informed what’s around you, the names of the streets and tracking a searched location. It is required that you wear headphones as information will be directed to the specific headphone to indicate if a location is to the left or right of you. Soundscape is only available on IOS and is free.


Lazarillo is another great option available for traveling which is developed by Rene Espinoza.  Lazarillo is an alternative to BlindSquare and has the same features  including searching and planning journeys, the ability to track a location. What’s  around  you and names of streets and road junctions. Another great feature is that you will be given the name of a approaching bus stop. Lazarillo is available on IOS and Android and is free. 


Clew is an innovating navigation app created by Paul Ruvolo. Clew is designed to help you with indoor navigation and uses your smart device camera to record a route. Once recorded you will get turn by turn directions of that route. You are able to save and share any routes that you have recorded. Clew is only available on IOS and is free.


ScotTalk is a simple app to use for traveling by bus. Designed by Travelline Scotland Ltd, ScotTalk will turn your smart device into a talking bus.  Within the app there are 2 options to choose from. These are nearby bus stops and favorites. Favorites allows you to add your most frequently used bus stops. Nearby bus stops will bring up a list of bus stops close to your location. Once you select your preferred bus stop you will be given a list of all the bus services that will depart from that stop. After selecting the bus service you will be able to live track the progress of the bus route and the next bus stop will be spoken out to you as you approach each stop  ScotTalk is a free app and is only available on IOS and in Scotland.

Move It

Move it created by Move it App Global Ltd is a great option to consider for traveling by public transport and allows you to plan your journey with ease. Move it lets you search for a location and will give you 3 possible routes to get there. Each route will include the method of transport e.g. bus or train, time of the departure, if you need to change transportation and how long the route will take. Like ScotTalk you will be able to live track each route. This will give you turn by turn directions to the start of the route. You will then get a notification when the method of transport is arriving, You will get another 2 notifications, one to indicate that your stop is next and another to signal to get off. Move it is available on both IOS and android and is free.

UK Live Trains

UK Live Trains created by Dorada Software Ltd is a simple and easy to use app for traveling by train. UK Live Trains allows you to add Your home, work and favorite stations.  You will also be able to plan a journey and get live departures and arrivals, and platform numbers of your favorite, planned and recently searched journeys. Another great feature is that you will get a provisional platform number to help you navigate to your desired train. UK Live trains is only available on IOS and is free.

ON Time UK live Train Tracking

On Time UK Live Train Tracking designed by Zarg Industries is another good app for traveling by train. The app is easy to use and allows you to search and plan a journey and save your home and work stations along with saving your favorite and recent journeys. A great feature with this app is that when searching for a train journey it will give you the time the train is arriving, the platform number and a list of all the train stops during your journey. On Time UK Live tracking is a free ap and is only available on android. 

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