Top Five Apps and Devices 2019

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Another year has gone by and there has been loads of great tech and apps released and upgraded. We have spent hours debating what should be in this years list. Now we have decided. If you think something is missing contact us.

Top Five Apps.


Audible is one of our favorite apps. The app lets you listen to a massive catalog of audio books from the latest releases to all time classics. Most of the time the audio book is released at the same time as the printed edition. We also love Audible as you can use your account across multiple devices from your smart phone to smart speakers to smart watches and also smart tvs. You could say this is one smart app.
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Envision AI

Envision AI is a recognition app that is available on both Android and iOS devices. It uses the devices camera to capture an image and describe it back to you. This can be text, objects, products and it even recognizes human handwriting and faces. The app can be bought outright with one payment or you can pay a monthly subscription

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Audio Wizards

Audio Wizards is an amazing Audio game made by My True Sound. In this game you have to listen very carefully for the sound an attacking monster is making and then swipe up right or left to select a spell to banish the beast. We love how this game is easy to pick up and play but takes a a fair bit to master which keeps you coming back for more. This is out for both Android and iOS.

Audio Wizards logo.


MoovIT is a traveling app that will guide you from your from door to your end destination. It will guide you to the correct bus stop or train station, tell you when your transport is due to arrive and give you an alert when you need to get off. it will then forward you to other transport links or your end detestation. This app is available for both iOS and Android.

MoovIT logo

Pocket Cast.

Pocket Cast is a pod cast player that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. it has a great menu system for accessing and playing your selected pod casts. It is also available on the apple watch so you never have to go without listening to the latest tech pod cast.

Pocket Cast logo

Top Five Devices.

Smart Speakers

Over the last year the smart speaker has come on leaps and bounds. These fantastic devices can do so much and dot cost a small fortune. You can use them to listen to your favorite audio book, control the lights in your home, communicate with friends and family, check who is at your front door, the lists is almost endless. Smart speakers come in a range of sizes from the smallest ones such as the ECHO DOT or NEST MINI that start from around 50 up to the top of the range ones that have a screen built into them. if you haven’t got one we would recommend that you get one this year as they are only going to keep on getting better.

Amazon Alexa and Google home and Apple Homepod

Aftershookz Bone Conducting Headphones.

We have tried out many different headphones this year from the fantastic sounding Air-pods to the newly released ECHO BUDS. But we still feel that for a visual impairment the Aftershookz are the best. They use Bone Conducting Technology to transfer the sound through the top of your cheekbone thus still letting you hear everything around you. They work with the digital assistant built into your phone so you can make calls, send texts and emails or get directions without taking your phone out of your pocket.

Aftershookz bone conducting headphones photo

In Your Pocket Smart Phone

The In Your Pocket Smart phone has been out for a few years but like a good wine it just keeps getting better with age. With the In Your Pocket you use voice commands to use the device. If you wanted to call or text Steven you simply say ” CALL STEVEN”. You also get access to both the RNIB and Calibre audio book catalog. you can access today’s newspapers, you can listen to internet radio and it has an inbuilt digital magnifier. You can also get the weather forecast, your location and set reminders. All this for just 22 per month for 2 years. Fantastic value for money.

In Your Pocket Smart phone

Ring Video Doorbell 2

This device is installed at your outside door to replace you old doorbell. It has a camera built into it and this will let you see and talk to whoever is at your front door from anywhere in the world using your phone. It is also compatible with the echo smart speakers. So you can simply say ” Alexa answer the door” and you can talk to them too. The device can also be mains or battery operated.

Ring video doorbell 2 outside a front door.

Google Pixel Phone.

Over the last few years Android phone have made big steps in being accessible. We have found the Pixel 3aXl to be one of the most affordable and usable phones we used. It has a nice big screen great camera and it uses all the latest accessibility features. If using an Android phone this is the one we would recommend.

Google pixel 3a xl phone.

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