Top Apps For Young People


Top Accessible apps for younger users.

1 You Tube Kids
You Tube Kids is a child friendly version of You Tube that lets children safely brows through the video library. It needs to firstly be setup by an adult and only an adult can change the settings.

2 Borrow Box
Borrow Box is a fantastic free app that lets you access the e-book and audiobook service from your local library. All you need to use this free service is a library card and your date of birth. There are lots of books to choose from.

3 Seeing Ai
Seeing Ai is a must for any visually impaired smartphone user as it has several great features built into it from being able to read text back to you, to being able to recognise peoples faces and guess their ages. This app has it all.

4 Z Touch
Z Touch is a game designed for people with a visual impairment. You have to do different gestures on the screen and score point for each. As the game progresses the speed will increase.

5 Blind Fold Games.
This has been specially designed for people with no vision to play audio games. They have a great selection of games to choose from. Some can be mastered in a few minuets and others take quite a bit longer.

6 Audio Moto Championship
This is a racing game that requires no vision at all to play. You steer the bike by rotating the phone in the desired direction. You tap the screen to break. You will learn you track position by the noise that the game makes and haptic feedback. This is a fun game.

7 Find My Friends.
This is a useful feature built into iPhones that lets you know where your friends are. This can be helpful for a parent to know where there kid is on a day out or vice versa. This will also give you turn by turn directions to the persons location.

8 Netflix
Netflix has loads of programs that kids can enjoy. A lot of there programs have audio description which describes to you what’s happening on the screen.

9 Kindle
Kindle lets you get access to millions of e-books. There library covers everything form fact to fiction and education. With the in build accessibility features you are able in crease the text size and colour. If using voice over or talk-back it will also read the book back to you.

10 Digital Assistants
There are a few digital assistants that you can use on your device to get it to work for you by just using your voice. Some of the most popular are Siri, Ok Google and Alexa. Siri only works on apple devices where as the others work across all devices.

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