Top 5’s Apps, Devices and Games 2022

Top 5’s of 2022.

Welcome to this years top 5’s of Apps, Devices and Games. We have had lots of new things to try out this year, as always we put them through the ringer and the below is our top 5’s. Let us know what your favourite are by emailing us at

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Top 5 Apps

Envision AI

Envision Ai is an App that is available on both Android and iOS. It can be used to read physical text back to. For instance reading a letter that is posted through your door. it also has a range of other skills including reading barcodes on product and identifying faces. The app is free on all platforms now.

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Aira is a subscription based service that you can access through an app on your phone or other devices such as the Envision Glasses. This puts you into a video call with a specially trained operator who can provide you with any assistance you might need.

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Is an App that has been designed for people with low vision to help with reading text. the app takes the text from a PDF file and displayed it at the top of the screen with a customisable font size and colour. This app is available on both iOS and Android and is free to download. You can also access it on you internet browser too. The app will also save you recent documents so you wont have to rescan them.

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Passenger Assistance

Passenger Assistance is a app that you can use to book and plan a train journey across the UK. It allows you to create a profile of your travel needs. This can then be accessed by the people providing you with assistance so that they can meet you needs.

Passenger Assistance logo


MyEyes is a Navigation app that has ben developed for people with a visual impairment. This app is available to use a selected location across the UK and in parts of Europe. This app runs in the background while the app is open and will give you additional information about your surroundings. EG in Dundee this app will help you navigate the train station and then give you directions to the V&A museum and then provide you with an location accurate Audio Tour while in the museum. This app is available on bot iOS and Android and is free to download.

Top 5 Devices

Blind Shell Classic 2

Librie Sensor 2

Apple MacBook Air

Amazon Echo Dot 5th generation.

Top 5 Games

A Western Drama

Sequence Storm

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