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2018 has been an interesting year for the development of app and devices for people with sight loss. Below is Triple Tap Tech Top 5 lists for Apps and Devices. If there is an app or device you think we should include on the list let us know by emailing Fraser at


Top 5 Trophy
Top 5 Trophy

Top 5 Apps

Seeing Ai 

Seeing Ai is made by Microsoft and is free to download on iOS Devices. This app will quickly scan any text and instantly read it back to you, It can scan an document and save it onto your device or send it to a friend, it can also recognize  peoples faces and give you an estimated age for that person and the mood that they are in. Results may be interesting.  This is one app we would recommend for Iphone and iPad users.

Blue Seeing Ai Logo
Seeing Ai Logo


Visor is a e magnification app for Android and iOS.  It is free to download on Android but costs £1.99 on iOS. This app Turns your phone or tablet into an electronic magnifier with the ability to cycle through zoom levels and change the color filters.  We would recommend this app especially for Android devices as the iOS devices come with there own inbuilt magnifier.

Visor Magnification Logo


Audible is a very accessible subscription based app that is used to read audio books through different devices such as Smartphone, Smart Speakers, Smart TV and Tablets.  Audible has thousands of books to choose from and usually has the audio book version of a book released at the same time as the printed version. The subscriptions for this app starts at £7.99 per month

Audible logo

Whats App

Whats App is an instant messenger app that allows you to send and receive messages from your phone. You can also use video calling and audio calling. The app also lets you create and join Whats App Groups. Which is a great way to keep up to date on subjects that you follow.

Whats App Logo

Be My Eyes

Be My Eyes is an app designed for low vision users to make a video call to a sighted volunteer and get them to describe what the person is looking at with there Smart Phone.  The app is free to download.

Be My Eyes Logo


Top 5 Devices


In Your Pocket Smart Phone

The In Your Pocket Smart Phone is specially designed for low vision users. It is operated entirely by voice command. You can also access the RNIB Talking Books Newspaper and Magazine service which is included in the price. To use the voice commands you simply press the talk button and say “call Graham” and it will phone Graham. If you want to reed the latest George RR Martin book just hold the talk button and say “search for books by George RR Martin”. This device costs £22 per month and can be bought by through Real Sams website. If ordering this device we would be very grateful if you could mention Triple Tap Tech as for where you got the information from.

In Your Pocket Smart phone



The Iphone has been and still is one of the best phones to use if you are visually impaired. There is simply so much that this device can do. From reading text back to you, guiding you through the city, listening to audio books and a thousand other things. We think this device is amazing.

Iphone 10 front and back

After Shokz Bone Conducting Headphones

These are a great accessory for you Smart Phone. They connect with Bluetooth so there are no wires. They use bone conducting technology to transmit the sound from the headset through your cheek bone so that you can hear the sounds. This means that you can use it to get directions on your phone but still be able to hear everything that is going on around you. You can also access your digital assistant by using the action button.

Aftershookz bone conducting headphones photo


Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers are audio devices that are connected to the internet and use a digital assistant respond to the voice commands that you give them. There are many different speakers available from both Amazon and Google as well as third party speakers from LG and Sonos. With these speakers you command it to tell you the time or set a reminder or listen to music and it will with just the sound of your voice. We love asking ours some truly random questions.

Amazon Alexa and Google home and Apple Homepod


Huawei Media Pad M5

We found this to be one of the best tablets we tested this year. It has a very powerful Processor which means that it is very responsive. The quality of the sound is fantastic and the screen is bright and vibrant with its colors. This tablet is just over 10 inches.  The accessibility features are all there and on this tablet especially compared to other Android tablets they work great. If you were going for Android then this is the tablet we would recommend.

huawei media pad m5 image


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