by Lynette Elliot

Hi, I would like to give you a quick review of the game Puzzler, this game is found on the Alexa device.

Ok first up the music is good for the intro , and the announcer is very clear, however as the game goes on, I find the clues a little hard to make out, but I do have a little problem with my hearing, I think this could be overcome, if the developers where to include the phonetic alphabet.

Ok this game is a crossword-based game, with a daily free crossword a day, however if you want to play more than 1 crossword a day you must unlock this feature, by upgrading to their premium crosswords, this costs £2.99 a month, then you can take advantage of playing as many crosswords as you like.  I forgot to mention that the first month is free, when you upgrade to the premium crosswords with the premium crossword unlock you can also use the reveal feature, and the hint feature.

This is a great game, and easy to follow, however, it does have its flaws, Alexa can sometimes have a mind of its own, but if you somehow are kicked out of the game, and must go back into the game, it does pick up where you left off. so, my conclusion is, the game is good value, lots of fun when you have a group of people together.

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