Professional Services.

Along with the charity work we do at Triple Tap Tech we also provide professional paid for services. These are available to anyone. This helps us to keep the charitable services running. If there is something you think we could do give us a call on 0141 353 1567.

Tech Tuition

Do you want to take your computer skills to the next level. Do you want to expand your IT knowledge. Then this is for you. Our TECH EXPERTS can provide you with professional one to one tuition on a wide range of devices from Windows Computers to Mac-books and even Linux based systems such as the Raspberry PI. Our tech experts can also show you how to get the most out of other smart devices such as Tablets and Smartphones and loads more. For more information Contact Fraser at or call 0141 353 1567.


One to One in our office. From £20 per hour.

One to One in your home. From £40 per hour

Group in our office. From £40 per hour

Tech Talks

We are able to visit your group or workplace and provide a range of Tech Talks. The talks can last as long as you are willing to listen to us and be about a subject that you want. Contact Fraser to find out more and for the price of a talk.

Home Setups

We are able to come out to your home and set up any technology for you. One of our TECH EXPERTS will get your equipment up and running and they will then show you how to correctly work it.


Home Set Up £50 with up to 4 devices then £10 per additional device.

Digital Casualty

Is your device not working right, are you struggling to update it, have you pressed the big red button and broke the whole internet. No need to worry most of the times our TECH EXPERTS can fix it. Contact Fraser at or call 0141 353 1567 and get a price.

Payments can be made in Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal or Checks.

Website testing / Accessibility testing

We can look at your website or product and review how accessible it is to use for people with a visual impairment Our tech experts can then find any issues and suggest ways to resolve them. Call us on 0141 353 1567 to find out more.

We also provide a accessible website design service. Call Fraser on 0141 353 1567.

Payments can be made in Cash, Bank Transfer, PayPal or Checks.