New gestures for talkback.

New gestures for talkback.

With the release of talkback 13.1, android have added a couple of new gestures for talkback. These include actions, split tap, new volume gesture along with assigning hide screen to a talkback gesture.


Actions gives additional options for using talkback. These options include moving apps,  deleting emails and dismissing notifications. Previously there were two ways of accessing actions. You could either use the talkback menu or assigning a talkback gesture. With talkback 13.1 you can now use one finger and flick up and down to access actions.

Split tap.

Split tap brings a  new way of typing with talkback. Previously when typing You could either tap the letter and then double tap with one finger or tap on the letter with one finger and then lift your finger. Now with split tap you can select the letter with one finger and then tap with another finger to select.

New Volume gesture.

In the past adjusting talkback volume could be a challenge. You would either need to match the talkback volume to your phone volume or use the reading controls. Now with talkback 13.1 you can hold one finger on the screen and then press the volume up or down keys in order to change talkback volume.

Assigning Hide screen to talkback gesture.

Hide screen is a security feature which allows you to turn on and off your android screen. Previously you could activate hide screen by either using the talkback menu or via the reading controls. With talkback 13.1 you can now assign a gesture for hide screen. To do this. Go to settings, accessibility, talkback, talkback settings and then customise gestures. In customise gestures select which gesture you wish to use and then Select hide screen.

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