In Your Pocket Smart Phone Review

In your pocket is a Smart phone that has been developed by RealSam.  It is an all voice command activated smartphone that is available in the UK. It costs 22 per month over a two year contract. With this you get unlimited UK minuets, Unlimited UK Texts and 3GB of data. Also included in this is the subscription to the RNIB Talking Newspaper service.

The phone itself is ready to use straight out of the box and requires no initial setup as this will have already been done for you when you ordered the phone. The handset is a DORO mobile phone that has had the software altered to use with voice commands only. It is a light sturdy phone with a few buttons. On the left hand side there is the volume up and down and power button. At the bottom of the screen there are the three talk buttons each one of which does the same function. On the right hand side is the camera button that is not used at this moment in time and the charging port. The device is charged by a standard USB phone charger. The phone has a 5 inch screen that is not required to use.

The phone responds to any voice command that give it. First you press one of the talk buttons and say  “Call Sammy” the phone will then call that person. If you do not have the persons name saved in the contacts you can say “ Call 0141 353 1567 “ and it will call the Triple Tap Tech office. When the phone receives an incoming call it will announce who the call is from or the number that is calling. You can also add people to your contacts by saying “ Add Sammy “ it will then ask you to add the number.  To send a text message you just give the voice command “ Text Sammy “ and then say your message and the phone will send it. When you receive a text message the phone will read that out to you.

The phone is also connected to the RNIB Talking book, Newspaper and Magazine subscription service and this is included in the monthly payment. If you wanted to listen to an audio book you would give the voice command to “ Read The Dark Tower by Stephen King “ it will then start to read you the book. If you have already started reading the book it will start playing from your last position. You can also use the voice command to read the latest newspapers just say “Read me the Daily Record” it will then give you the headlines and the option to select which story you want to hear. You can also read the full newspaper by saying “Auto Read” during a story. It is the same process to get talking magazines.

The phone has a great app built into it called Be My Eyes.  This app uses the camera to make a video call to a sighted volunteer who can assist you with a request such as in which direction is boots, or What temperature is the oven set to. To use this app you just have to hold the talk button and say “Be My Eyes”. Another great app that is included is Internet Radio. This lets you use the device to play back most radio stations. To use this just say “Play radio 1”. It will then start to play the selected radio station.

Every month the device will receive updates that increase the features and functionality of the phone. These updates will install automatically and require no intervention from the user.

I have had my In Your Pocket Device for over a year now and I love how easy and useful the device is. I am very impressed with the cost as at 22 pounds per month. The device is constantly improving and expanding it functions and features and this is done automatically for you behind the scenes. On the downside the ability to select and add your own apps limits the customization of the device.

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