How to set up Alexa features with the Alexa app

How to set up Alexa features with the Alexa app

There are many things that the Alexa Smart Speaker can do. From listening to music and getting the latest news to sending messages and making hand free phone calls. In this guide we will explain how to enable these features and where to find them in the app. 

Sound on at start and end of spoken request.

The Alexa smart speaker has an accessibility option to play a sound at the start of an spoken command and at the end when it has finished listening to you. To get this on your smart speaker go to the settings menu in the top right of the screen and select this. Now go down to the bottom of this menu and select settings.  No scroll down until you get to device settings and select this.  Now select the Alexa device that you want to use. Now scroll down to sounds select this and at the bottom of the menu here it will say request sounds then Start of request and End of request. Now select to turn on. 

Set up music services.

The Alexa can access different music services from Amazon Music, Apple Music and Tunein Radio. To set these up go back into the setting menu and scroll down to Alexa preferences. Here you will find Music select this and choose which music service you would like to set up. For different services the process changes so follow the on screen instructions from here. Now that you have this set up you can simply say “Alexa play welcome to the jungle by guns and roses” and the song will start to play.

You can also play radio stations by asking Alexa to play Clyde One or Radio Scotland. 

Making phone calls

You can use your Alexa device to make hand free phone calls. To do this go back into the settings menu in the Alexa app. Scroll down until you get to Alexa preferences and then select communication. Here you can pair you Alexa up to your mobile phone if you are on EE or Vodaphone and you can also set up your skype account to make calls through this.

You can also ask Alexa to call an number. So if you wanted to call Fraser in the TTT helpline you would ask Alexa to call 07494706190.

 Other useful commands.


Ask Alexa to Announce that Dinner is Ready and this will be broadcast across all your  Alexa enabled Devices.

Set Timers, Countdowns, Alarms and Reminders.

Ask Alexa to start a 20-minute countdown, or set a timer for 20 minutes, or remind me at 5:30 to get another coffee. Alexa will give an alarm and speak your reminder back to you. 

Get the latest news.

Alexa can give you the latest news through the Flash briefing. Just ask alexa to read me the news and it will start playing your flash briefing. You can add new skills to the flash  briefing to customise it to what you want. You can get the latest news, Sports results, weather forecast and even a joke of the day.

Playing games.

Alexa has a range of games that can be played from getting chased by the chaser on the chase, or playing pointless to guessing the tune. There is something for everyone. We have published an entertainment guide that covers lots of different game on Alexa. 

Lastly you can ask Alexa what new and she will give you a response of new skills that are available .

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