How to Add Contacts to iPhone and iPad with voice-over

How to Add Contacts to iPhone and iPad with voice-over

1 Open the contacts app on your iPhone.

2 Using one finger flick right until you hear “add button”.

3 Double tap this with one finger.

4 It will then say “text field is editing”. Now double tap with two fingers to enable dictation. Speak the first name of the person then double tap with two fingers to stop dictation. It will then read out the dictated name.

5 Now using one finger flick to the right and repeat the above process for the additional required fields.

6 When you get to inputting the phone number you have to use the on screen keyboard. Using one finger move it around the screen until your desired number is read out. Now take you finger off the screen and double tap with one finger anywhere on the screen. You will hear the number repeated in a higher pitch. This informs you the number has been added.

7 When you are finished adding in the persons details use one finger and flick it to your left untill you hear “done”.  Now tap this with one finger and the new contact will be added.

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