Guide Connect

Dolphin Guide Connect main screen.


Guide connect is a form of accessible software from Dolphin Computer Access. It can be downloaded from there website . The software has been designed to take the complexity out of using everyday PC tasks such as Email, Word processing and internet exploring. It uses a unique menu structure to easily navigate to what you want to do.


There is 3 ways to navigate. First way to use the up, down, left and right arrow keys. The second way is to press the number of the menu. The menus they are labelled 1 to 10. The third way is to type the letter of the menu.

To select the menu you wish press the enter key

To go back to the previous menu or page press the escape key

To silence the voice press the control key.

F Keys

F1   Is the help button

F2   Is the action key.

F3   Is the help and information key

F4   Speaks the item

F6  Is the dictation.

F7   Turns the volume down.

F8   Will turn the volume up.

F9   Will slow down the voice speed

f10  Will speed up the voice speed

F11  Will decrease the xzoom level

f12  Will increase the zoom level

Action key

The action key will bring up a list of actions you can select for each menu. For example if you are in emails and press the action key it will bring up the reply, forward and delete email options. Guide connect will announce when actions are available when entering a menu.

Help and information button

The help and information button is where you can get help and information about your PC.  In this menu you will find the time and date, battery level, internet information and your notifications.


Dictation allows you to speak your message instead of typing it out on the keyboard. Dictation will only work with emails or letters and documents in guide connect. Guide connect will announce when dictation is available.

Video tutorials

 To get to the video tutorials. Navigate to tools. Press the enter key to enter the menu. Navigate to training. Select training and then select getting started.

For more information about Guide Connect or to try it out contact us.

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