Entertainment Guide

Hello and welcome to the Triple Tap Tech Entertainment guide.  We will list and given time expand on the apps, devices and services that are available out there to keep your mind active and pass away any boring times. If there are any stuff that you think wee should include in this guide then Email us at TripleTapTech@outlook.com and we will consider it.

Audio Games

Audio Wizards

This is a great game that is available for both iOS and Android. It costs £4.99 but is worth the money. In this game you are a wizard that is able to cast audio spells to vanquish invading demons. The demons are made up of different elements and you must cast the right spell to vanquish the demon. The game has many levels and the difficulty increases with each. We have found this game to be very addictive and it is great to pass a short amount of time.

Auto Moto Championship

This is a motorbike racing game that has been specifically designed for people with sight loss and can be played just with audio alone. The aim of the game is to race your bike around the race track and not crash, do this as fast as you can to win the race and progress through the game and open up new race courses and bikes. It controls can take a little to get used to but it is definitely worth mastering. It is only available on ios and costs £2.99

Blind Gladiator

This is a fighting role playing game that has been specifically designed for people with a visual impairment. You play the role of a new gladiator during the roman times and you have to defend and fight against other gladiators in order to progress through the game. During the game you can also purchase new armor and weapons that will help you in your quest to become the greatest gladiator.  The controls are a bit difficult to master but this game will keep you occupied for hours. This game is available on iOS and costs £2.99

Circus Masters Revenge.

This game is a role playing game in which you a kidnaped by a psychopathic circus master who pits you against others for the enjoyment of his circus. This game has a great story and we love the sarcastic overtures of the circus master. We would say however that this game is not suitable for younger children due to the content of the story. This game is available on ios and is free to get but has in app purchases.

Alexa Skills

20 Questions

This is a great skill for passing a short amount of time. You have to think of something such as an animal or object and then Alexa will ask you questions to try and guess what you are thinking.

Digital Devices

Amazon Alexa

This is a digital assistant that is available on some smart speakers that comes in a few forms from the relevantly cheep Echo Dot which costs £50 to the premium Echo Show 10 Which costs £230. Amazon Alexa is also available in the form of an app that you can get on both Android and IoS. Alexa lets you give it voice commands to enable you to open an Audible Book to playing games to listening to the radio. The list is endless in what this can do. You do however need an active internet connection to use this Alexa Enabled Devices.

Ipad or Iphone.

This is a highly accessible smart phone t or tablet that gives you access to loads of way to access Entertainment. You can get Audiobooks from many sources like RNIB Library, Local Library’s services like BookBox and the fantastic Audible subscription service from Amazon. you can also use this device to access Audio Games and Stream music and videos from streaming services like You Tube, Netflix, Apple Music and loads more. Some Games for this have also been designed for use for low vision and have audio ques and haptic ques to help infor the player of what is going on.

Fire TV

The Amazon Fire TV comes is many different formats from the Fire TV Stick to the Nebular Soundbar to the Fire TV Cube and cost between £50 to £190. The fire TV is Accessible to some degree with its inbuilt accessibility solutions which include magnification and Voice view. At this time not all apps support these functions. The fire TV gives you access to everything on the Amazon Eco system from Prime Videos with Audio Description to Amazon Music and Audible. The Fire TV also comes with Alexa built into it so you can do most things that you can on your Amazon Echo. On the Fire TV you can also download apps for streaming content to playing games and there is a lot to choose from. The fire TV connects to your Television and will turn any TV into a smart TV.

Xbox One S or X

This is one of the most accessible counsels ever designed. You have the option to enable Magnification and is the only one in the UK that has a screen reader built into it called Narrator. For yous that are familiar with Windows this is the same screen reader here. The Xbox also has some games that are accessible to play for instance Mine-craft works with the Narrator to enable you to progress through the on screen menus however it will not describe the game-play. The Xbox is also a great entertainment system in which you can download apps for most streaming services like Netflix and You tube. Finally the Xbox has in game and system communication which lets you talk to other people who have an Xbox or Microsoft account. Some Games for this have also been designed for use for low vision and have audio ques and haptic ques to help inform the player of what is going on.

Streaming Services

Amazon Music

This is a music streaming service that is delivered by Amazon and can be used on different devices from you smartphone to computer to smart tv and Alexa devices. It has access to millions of songs and is include at a basic level on amazon prime. It has several different tiers of subscription levels starting from £3.99 up to £14.99 per month, for a family plan that gives you up to six different accounts. Amazon music is one of only a hand full of subscription services that can give you access to UHD Audio which greatly improves the sound that you get from premium devices and headphones, but for everyday listening a standard account works just fine.

Apple Music

Apple Music lets you stream millions of songs directly to your device of choice from your Iphone to Computer to smart TV to Alexa. It lets you access music that you can download or stream to your device and has almost every song that has been made on it. It is a subscription service and costs £9.99 a month for a single subscription or £14.99 a month for a family membership which give you up to six different accounts.

Disney Plus

This is a new video streaming service that has just been released by Disney. It is available across different platforms from Smart phones to computers. This service gives you access to a lot of Disney content and content from Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. This service is great for a wee trip down memory lane and to keep the kids entertained. It costs £5.99 per month.


Netflix is a video streaming service that can be accessed across different digital devices from smart tv to computers to tablets to smartphones. This service gives you access to thousands of movies Tv shows and documentary’s. It costs £8.99 per month for a basic subscription if you want to get the content in HD and UHD it costs £11.99 per month.

You Tube

You Tube is a video streaming service that can be accessed across almost every device. On here you will find content that can be uploaded by anyone. This can range from old documentary’s and TV shows to how to guides and product reviews. Basically you will be able to find anything you want on here. If you create a You Tube channel you can also upload your own content and make it available to the world. you can find You Tube at http://www.youtube.com