December 2020 Update



December 2020 Update

Hello and welcome to the TripleTapTech update for our current services. Due to the Covid 19 Situation we are still unable to provide face to face services such as home visits and office appointments, however we have developed a range of services that can be accessed over the phone or digitally. With these services we are able to cover all of the UK and potentially worldwide.


We have set up a Helpline that anyone can call to chat to one of our tech experts. This number can be called during normal working hours. You can also call this number to arrange a training session. See below.

07494 706190 

Over the phone training or video meeting training.

You can call the number above to arrange a one on one training session with one of our tech experts. With this we will book you in for a 30 minute session, here you can find out about what tech might be suitable for you, get training on tech that you are already using and even just have a nice chat. We are even able to help fix any equipment that might not be working properly.  These sessions can be repeated as often as needed. We can provide these sessions over the phone or by video meeting such as Zoom, MS teams, FaceTime, Google Meets or Skype. 


Our TripleTapChats run on the Zoom Platform. We will be hosting them on Wednesday the 2nd, 16th and 30th of December 2020 from 13:00 until 15:00. This is a general chat and a good way to get help and advice from others with a visual impairment. To participate in this chat email Fraser at and he will send you an invitation a few days before the meeting.

We have created guides to help you get use Zoom for these guides.

Tech Talk

We are starting to do a monthly zoom meeting Tech Talk. This will be on Wednesday the 9th of December 2020 from 13:00 until 14:00. Our first Tech Talk this month will be about accessibility in general. To participate in this meeting Email Fraser at and Fraser will send you an invitation.    

Accessible Gaming Club

We are aiming to build up an online community and to try and encourage people into accessible gaming across the UK. You can contact us on the Helpline Number above or through our website.

With the Accessible gaming club, we have created our unique gamer tag that covers gaming systems including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC Gaming, and even VR on the Oculus Quest. This Gamer Tag is BlindNinja1704. You can also access our YouTube channel by searching for BlindNinja1704. On this channel Fraser explains how to adapt and make mainstream games accessible. We would be grateful if you could like, subscribe, and share this channel to help support us. We also have developed a live Twitch stream where you can watch and interact with us while we are playing live games. This is a great way to view how the game can be played and ask us for any advice.

Our Website.

We are constantly adding new content to our website at Our website is a great resource to find out about new tech and get guides on how to use these different devices. We have developed an evolving Entertainment Guide section to help keep you entertained. We have information about our services and how to contact us. Go check this out on the address above.

Social Media.

We have highly active social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter. You can find us on these by searching for TripleTapTech. Please help support us by liking and following these feeds.

We can be contacted through our website or helpline number above.

We hope you have a fantastic day and we look forward to hearing from you.

07494 706190

We are a small charity that relies on donations to provide our amazing service. If you found this guide useful please be kind and give a little to help us make a huge difference.

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