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Apple Music is a music streaming service from apple. It lets you stream millions of songs to your apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Apple Watch. You can also stream music to other devices such as Echo Smart Speakers, Win 10 PC and Android devices.

The standard subscription costs £9.99 per month and gives you unlimited ad free listening for one person. You can have your account linked to several different devices; however you can only listen to music on one at a time. The other subscription is the Family Subscription. This costs £14.99 per month and lets you create addition accounts for up to 6 users. This could be your partner or children. It will then allow every user to customise and listed to there own music across all their devices at the same time. I could be listening to EPICA in the kitchen and my son could also be listening to IMAGINE DRAGONS in his bedroom.

Apple Music gives you the option to stream the music that you want to listen too, which can use up your mobile data if you are using it out and about. Or you have the option to download music to your device which saves mobile date but uses up space on your device. I would generally recommend downloading a few albums when you are travelling in case you run into a single black-spot.  

Apple Music had every song that I have looked for covering all genres of music and all ages of music. You can select different radio stations based on songs, bands, genre. They have a station for everything. If you get fed up listening to your music Apple Music can recommend music based on what you have been listening too which is great if you want to find your next funky tune.

You can use Digital Assistants such as Siri or Alexa to play music from your phone or smart speaker and the process to link up your account is easy and stress free.

I have used apple music since it was realised back in 2015. I have never struggled to get a song that I’ve been looking for on it. The app on the iPhone and iPad is very accessible and works great with Voice Over. The fact that you can use Siri on your device to play songs using voice commands is great even if sometimes Siri struggles to understand what you are saying. I would definitely recommend getting Apple Music if you own an apple device, however if you do not then there are other options out there that would suit you better such as Amazon Music or Spotify.

I would give apple music 4 out of 5 Top Tech Ticks.

Fraser Fleming.

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