Ambutech Pharos Cane Light

By Fraser Fleming

I recently purchased an accessory for my standard Ambutech Long Cane, The Pharos Cane Light. This cost me £15.99 from the RNIB shop UK. This is basically a small torch that can be added to any Ambutech Long Canes to help increase visibility at night times. The Pharos Cane Light attaches to your cane with a press on clip and can be removed for charging. It provides a small area of light around your cane tip that can help you when using your cane to scan for obstacles. This light also makes you more visible to motorists and other when out at night.

To set up the cane light you first plug it into any usb charger to charge the inbuilt battery. When it is charging you can position the push on clip onto your cane. For me I decided to place it at the top of my cane just under the handle. But you can position it where is suits you best. Once the cane light is charged which should only take about 50 mins you can just push it onto the clip on your cane and you are ready to go. When you want to turn the light on you just rotate the bottom of the device clockwise, and to turn it off just twist it anti clockwise. You should get around 45 min light time from one charge.

For me this is a fantastic addition to my standard long cane and the price of it makes it more appealing. I love being more visible when out a night and have even used it when returning home to find the keyhole for my door by detaching it from my cane. I think that only having around 45 min light time is a bit short. However, you can charge this device anywhere due to it using a standard USB connection for charging. It is very easy to install on your cane and comes with different press on clips to fit a range of canes. I would give this 4 Top Tech Tips out of 5.


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