Amazon Alexa Speaker Setup (Phone or Tablet)

This is a short guide that will explain to you how to set up a new Amazon Echo Smart Speaker using a smart phone or tablet.

STEP 1. The Amazon App

If you already have the Amazon App installed go down to Step 2.   Download the Amazon Alexa app on your device. This will be the App Store on Apple devices, or the Play store on android. The app will ask you to sign in. Put your email address and password into the correct fields. Now select the sign in button.

If you do not have an Amazon account then you can create on here too, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select create a new account. Now follow the on screen instructions to set up your new account.

Once you have pressed the Sign In button if you have two set verification it will ask to send a text with a one time password (OTP) or call your selected number. Select the option that you want then press send OTP. The next screen will ask you to input the OTP, once you have done this press sign in. and follow the on screen instruction to set up your account.

STEP 2. Adding your Echo Speaker.

Plug you Amazon Echo Smart Speaker into the power socket and wait a few minuets for it to start up.  When it is doing this there will be no sound but the light circle will be rotating blue. You will then hear the speaker start up sound and it should say “Hello your device is ready for setup.”  The blue light circle will then rotate orange. If this does not happen simply hold down the action button on the device. This is the button that has dot in the circle of it. These are located at the top of the speaker. Hold this until the light rotates orange and the device says “Now in setup mode, follow the instructions on your Alexa app.”

Open your Alexa app and located at the bottom right of the screen it will say devices, select this and it will open the device section of the app where you can find your devices and change their settings. At the top right of the screen there will be a add new device button. This is a circle with an + sign in the middle. Select this. A new menu will now appear, from this menu select add devices. Now a menu with different devices will appear from this select Amazon Echo. Now a menu with different types of echo will appear from this select the one that has your device. This is usually the top one for most of their smart speakers. It will then talk you through the on screen instructions to set up your speaker. This can be slightly different for different types of speaker. Once this is done you new Amazon Echo Speaker will be up and running.

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