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Talkback Gestures here.

Additional Talkback Gestures 2023

On Tablets and Phone running Android there is an Accessibility feature that can be used to enhance the usage experience for people with sight loss. There are a lot of different makes of phones that use Android from Samsung, LG and Huawei. Different makes have different options of accessibility and the setting to change them are located in different locations. If you are unsure how to access the settings for your device contact us and we can help.


Section One. Screen Enhancements.


Colour Inversion


Once selected this will invert the colour of the screen to negative image. The blacks on the screen will be white and vice versa. This feature can potentially slow down some tablets.


Text Size.


This will increase the size of the text displayed on app that support it. Not all apps support this feature.


Select to Speak.


This feature allows you to quickly select text that is displayed on the screen and have the device read it aloud to you. Once turned on there will be an accessibility icon that appears, Press this and use one finger to drag from the top of the screen until the text stops. When you release your finger the text will start to be read out for you.


Section Two. Magnification Gesture.


On all devices that run android there is a magnification gesture that can be used to zoom into the screen.


Triple Tap with One Finger


This will turn the magnification gesture on and off.


Pinch out with Thumb and Forefinger.


This will increase the magnification


Pinch in with Thumb and Forefinger.


This will decrease the magnification.


Hold Two Fingers on Screen and move around.


This will allow you to navigate the page when magnification gesture is on.


It is also possible to use the quick magnification gesture to enable quick viewing of apps. To do this Triple Tap with one finger but hold the third tap on the screen and the device will quickly zoom into that area. Hold the same finger on the screen and move it around to quickly navigate the page. You can also increase and decrease the magnification by pinching in and out. This feature is not available on all android devices.


Section Three. TalkBack

Updated Talkback Gestures here. 


All android devices have a screen reader feature that can be turned on in the accessibility settings. The most common one is called TalkBack. There are others available on different makes.


One Finger Swipe Right


This will move the TalkBack focus forward.


One Finger Swipe Left.


This will move the TalkBack focus back.


One Finger Double Tap.


This will activate the item in the TalkBack focus.


Two fingers Swipe Left.


This will move forward to the next page.


Two Fingers Swipe Right.


This will move back to the previous page.


Two Fingers Swipe Down


On the home screen this will bring up the control Centre.


Make a L shape on screen with one finger.


This will bring up the Global Context Menu.


Make a backwards L shape on the screen with one finger.


This functions as the back key and will take you back to the previous screen.


Inverted Backwards L shape on screen with one finger.


This functions as the home key and will take you back to the home screen.


Inverted L shape on screen with one finger.


This will bring up the local context menu.




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